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Discover the true impact of your video advertising
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/ $300,000
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Bridge BrandAds

Video Measurement for Advertisers

BrandAds Bridge empowers brands and agencies to maximize the value of
their video advertising campaigns with unbiased, realtime, actionable insights.


Independent and trustworthy


Updates every three seconds


Metrics that matter

ZENO GroupThe Coffee BeanDowFoxGolin HarrisIvoryLogitechMcDonaldsNational Safety CouncilSearsProctor & GamblePringlesQuillSecretStaplesTongalWelch'sDieHardSanDisk

Boost Brand Lift

Accurate information is power

Compare your video advertising campaigns’ effectiveness by publisher, ad network, and creative. Use realtime insights to make informed media buying decisions.

Measure All Screens

Unified metrics across connected devices

Understand which devices your video ads are running on and who is watching them. Track audience, engagement, and effectiveness by desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Get Updates Every Three Seconds

When we say realtime, we mean it

BrandAds Bridge aggregates the most important video advertising metrics into a single, elegant, realtime interface. Data delays and browser refreshing are finally dead.

Protect Your Brand

Know where your ads are running

Measure the viewability and brand safety of every video ad impression. BrandAds Bridge technology is leading the industry in video advertising verification.

Measure Your Audience Directly

Forget panels and third-party cookies

Eliminate the guesswork with Direct Audience Measurement for every campaign. Collect traditional and custom demographic data in realtime with BrandAds Bridge.

Listen to Your Branded Conversation

Monitor your impact on social media

Understand the social lift and sentiment around your brand with BrandAds Bridge. Watch consumers engage with your brand message in realtime.

“The realtime analytics give me the confidence
to present true ROI to my executive team.”
Alex Lopez, Brand Manager
“We were thrilled with the results. Absolutely
consider us sold on BrandAds.”
Josh Anisfeld, Director Digital
“BrandAds is pioneering digital video measurement that will truly be a game changer for the industry.”
Lindsay Buescher, Senior Manager, Digital Analytics

Stop Wasting Money

Discover the truth and act on it

Publishers and networks are fundamentally biased when it comes to the quality of
their video advertising inventory. Use BrandAds Bridge to make informed media
buying decisions based on unbiased, realtime, actionable data.